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Paul Protocol

Good day guys. $PAUL will be officially listed on both MDEX and PancakeSwap from tonight (21:00 SGT). That means you’ll have chance to buy the early liquidity of $PAUL from these two leading DEX platforms.

And I guess many of you have already noticed that on WeStarter, it has opened…

We are excited to announce that Paul Protocol, a double-mechanism risk resistant oracle with superior performance and timeliness, and BlackHole Protocol, a cross-chain burning protocol, have entered into a strategic partnership. …


New IDO partner on board!!!

We are announcing that WeStarter will launch Paul Protocol on June 1st at 20:00 SGT.

Subscription Tutorial:

This SWAP will be divided into 3 types, whitelisted Pool, LPT Pool and LBP.

Whitelisted Pool Details:

  • Time to start: June 1st 20:00 SGT
  • Time to claim $PAUL: June 2nd 21:00 SGT
  • Total allocation: $70,000
  • Price per token: 0.002U …

I guess many of you have already heard about our IDO news from our Twitter: will arrange its official IIO campaign for Paul Protocol this Thursday !!!

IIO is a token offering/distributing model to HELMET LP holders through the European option trading logic. Investors could access to the option…

Today we’ll talk about how Paul Protocol works to keep its oracle system running stably and securely, as well as those key roles taking apart in this enormous ecosystem.

Here we start from a diagram which generally depicts the system structure and working mechanism of Paul Protocol.

The entire journey…

Hi everyone,

My name is Paul. It’s my pleasure to say “hello” to my lovely friends here and to introduce myself.

Some of you guys may think I am just a cute octopus meme. Indeed, I am cute. I surely admit that. Actually I believe I am the cutest octopus…

Paul Protocol

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