Paul Protocol


New IDO partner on board!!!

We are announcing that WeStarter will launch Paul Protocol on June 1st at 20:00 SGT.

Subscription Tutorial:

This SWAP will be divided into 3 types, whitelisted Pool, LPT Pool and LBP.

Whitelisted Pool Details:

  • Time to start: June 1st 20:00 SGT
  • Time to claim $PAUL: June 2nd 21:00 SGT
  • Total allocation: $70,000
  • Price per token: 0.002U …

Hi everyone,

My name is Paul. It’s my pleasure to say “hello” to my lovely friends here and to introduce myself.

Some of you guys may think I am just a cute octopus meme. Indeed, I am cute. I surely admit that. Actually I believe I am the cutest octopus…

Paul Protocol

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