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How to Join WeStarter PAUL-USDT LPT Farming Pool to Earn $WAR Rewards

Good day guys. $PAUL will be officially listed on both MDEX and PancakeSwap from tonight (21:00 SGT). That means you’ll have chance to buy the early liquidity of $PAUL from these two leading DEX platforms.

And I guess many of you have already noticed that on WeStarter, it has opened its official LP farming pool for PAUL-USDT. Some smart guys have already earned a big portion of $WAR revenue from it, lucky for them. As some community members haven’t participated in any similar events before and still feel confused with how to do it, let me give a quick guide for different types of users on how to participate in this exciting campaign.

For WeStarter IDO participants:

1.1 After you claim the $PAUL you bought from IDO, you can go to, find ‘Pool’ from the menu and select ‘Add Liquidity’. Then select tokens of USDT and PAUL.

Quick URL:

1.2 Simply enter the amount you would like to add for liquidity. Make sure your have enough PAUL and USDT balance in your wallet (all should be Heco version). And you should have HT (Heco version) in your wallet too as the gas fee. If you still don’t have enough Heco-based USDT and HT, one choice is to buy USDT and HT at Huobi and withdraw them to your wallet address. Remember to select Heco network when withdrawing.

1.3 After entering amount, you can click the bottom button to move to the next step and follow the in-page instructions to complete the liquidity adding procedures. Basically including ‘Approve’ the contract and ‘Confirm’ the transaction.

1.4 When the liquidity adding action is successfully confirmed by blockchain, corresponding amount of PAUL-USDT LPT (Liquidity Pool Token) will be added to your wallet. That is just what you need to join the WeStarter Farming Pool with.

1.5 Go to WeStarter, find ‘Farms’ from the menu. You can see the PAUL-USDT LPT pool right there.

1.6 Click ‘Stake’ button of the pool. You’ll be redirected to the amount entering page.

1.7 Just input the PAUL-USDT LPT amount you have, and click ‘Approve’ to go through the remaining wallet confirmation procedures.

1.8 After transaction confirmed, that’s it. You’ll be starting earning your tremendous $WAR rewards.

For Buyers from MDEX:

Maybe you missed the IDO. Don’t worry. From tonight, you can start buying $PAUL on MDEX directly.

2.1 Go to, find ‘Swap’ from the menu. Similarly, select USDT and PAUL trading pair.

2.2 Simply enter how many PAUL you would like to buy or how much USDT you would like to spend (make sure you have enough balance and enough HT gas). And then click the bottom button to proceed with the transaction confirmation.

2.3 After the swap is successful, you’ ll have PAUL in your wallet. From now, it would be as same as the instructions mentioned earlier. Start from adding liquidity, and then move on to stake LPT in WeStarter’s farming pool.

Tips: when you buy PAUL, you can leave some USDT balance in your wallet for next step’s liquidity adding.

For Helmet IIO Participants or Buyers from PancakeSwap:

$PAUL on and PancakeSwap ecosystems is BSC-network-based, which is a little bit different from $PAUL on WeStarter and MDEX (Heco-based). As WeStarter has opened its farming pool for PAUL, many BSC paulers are also passionate in joining it. In that case, you can follow the procedures below:

3.1 Unless you’ve already got your $PAUL from Helmet, you can buy it from PancakeSwap. Find it through PancakeSwap — Trade — Exchange(Swap).

3.2 The trading pair on PancakeSwap will be in PAUL/USDT, so prepare your BSC-based USDT in your wallet before buying (you can buy USDT from Binance and withdraw them to your BSC wallet). Select the trading pair as USDT-PAUL. When selecting PAUL, you can search it with its BSC contract address:


It will be searchable after the liquidity goes Live.

3.3 Confirm the transaction to finalize the purchase.

3.4 After you successfully get PAUL in your wallet, you should go through a cross-chain bridging step, coz the $PAUL you bought on PancakeSwap is in BSC version, while the one requires by WeStarter farming pool is Heco version.

3.5 Don’t panic, chain crossing is easy for Paulers now. You can go to ChainSwap to do this. It’s under its ‘Swap’ section.

3.6 After connecting your wallet, you can select the specific token you want to swap. Now, users can directly search PAUL in ChainSwap as we are officially listed.

3.7 After selecting PAUL, you can choose the chains you want to cross from and to. For you, of course you should bridge the token from BSC to Heco. Meanwhile, you should enter the destination chain wallet address of yours to receive the mint tokens (usually it will directly take the address from your wallet plugin).

3.8 Next, the ChainSwap UI will guide your to deposit your BSC $PAUL and withdraw Heco $PAUL to your wallet. (Note: You should have BNB in your BSC address and HT in your Heco address for gas consumption.)

3.9 After the cross-chain swap, you’ll get the Heco $PAUL in your wallet. And from now, you can follow the previous procedures mentioned to add your liquidity in MDEX and then stake LPT in WeStarter to earn high-return $WAR rewards.

Anyone who’ve reached this stage, I should say:

Congrats! You’re so smart. And so lucky.

Enjoy your $WAR rewards.

That’s just the very beginning of this great journey. Let’s witness something big for $PAUL in the coming future! Cheers!!!

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